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An Epidemic of Injuries

"In October 2011, I was wearing Skechers Shape-up tennis shoes when I fell and got injured. I suffered a complete, diagonal fracture of the bone of the left upper arm, which necessitated immediate surgery, and a total of nine titanium rods implanted in my arm. I also suffered a wrist drop and damage to the left arm's radial nerve, which significantly limited the use of my left arm and hand for many months. I am still in recovery. "

Dana, San Francisco, CA

"I had stress fractures in both feet in 2011. I'm a teacher and had to wear a medical boot on both feet and use an electric wheel chair for about six months."

Shelly, Seminole, TX

"I tore everything in an ankle that one could tear when I was wearing Skechers Shape-ups. I was in a sitting position, and I attempted to rise from my chair and my ankle rolled because of the shoes.  I tore cartilage, tendons, and ligaments that I had to have complete reconstruction surgery on my ankle."

Kathleen, St. George, UT

"I purchased Sketchers toning shoes and wore them for about a year and a half. I started noticing pain in both of my feet and went to the doctor only to find out I have stress fractures in both feet. To this day I still have the fractures and I'm in ongoing pain and discomfort."

Lynda, Oak Creek, WI

"Two days after buying Sketchers Shape-ups, I stepped down turning a corner.  This caused a fracture to both my fibula and tibia. I've never ever had a broken bone before.  I was told by an ER doctor that the bone on the inside of my ankle is not in the right place and I need surgery.  Being that I have limited insurance, i'm stuck in this condition without a cast, only wearing a splint, and no pain medication."

Sharon, San Jose, CA

"I have unexplained stress fractures in both knees. I wore Sketchers ShapeUps for almost two years working as a cocktail waitress."

Dixie, Batesville, AR

"I purchased a pair of Skechers Shape-Up toning shoes in early 2010. In November 2010, I fell down the steps in my home, breaking my lower right leg in two places. I was wearing my Skechers at the time. I wore the shoes every day to work, 40+ hours per week. Several times while wearing the shoes, I experienced mis-steps which I attributed to the bulkiness and shape of the bottom of the shoes. I missed several weeks of work and still have pain in my lower right leg."

Hillary, Charleston, WV

"On June 26, 2011, I fell and broke my right ankle. I wound up with a compound fracture. I purchased 3 pair of the Skechers Shape-up to wear for my job as a cashier. I was on my feet for approx 8 hours a day and wore them all the time. After 4 months of being off, I went back to work.  My ankle has never completely healed and I still have a lot of pain at times. "

Barbara, Santa Clara, UT

"Stepping up on my steps and went to move away from my puppy - my left shoe gripped the step and didn't let me move. It caught and twisted which made me fall. I dislocated my left ankle, broke it on one side and shattered it on the other side; it fractured both leg bones.  I went to the hospital and had surgery the next day on both sides of my left ankle - I have 12 screws and one bar in my left leg/ankle."

Belinda, Monroe, LA

I purchased the shoes and went to a jewelry party at my neighbor's. I was stepping off the deck and the shoes just rolled my ankle over. I ended up with a broken ankle. It was the strangest thing as I was being very careful."

Mary, Alpena, MI

"I bought the Shape-up shoes last February to work in. I had worn them for an hour or so. I went home and was going up our steps to our front porch. When I got to the top step, the shoes rocked me back causing me to fall. I dislocated my shoulder and fractured my rotator cuff. I ended up missing work for 3 ½ months and I’m in constant pain."

Lora B., Lancaster, KY.

"Wearing the toning shoes for a couple of years caused my meniscus to tear. I was in extreme pain for several weeks. I had to undergo cortisone shots, numerous doctor visits and 4 weeks of expensive physical therapy."

Sandra F., Bryan, TX.

"The first time I wore my Skechers, I twisted my ankle and broke my elbow. I ended up having a surgery with 3 screws in my elbow and 3 months of therapy. If you ever watched the video of the “15 minute work out” you get with the shoes, the woman doing the work out said at one point, 'Oops, I almost fell!'"

Keri K., Appleton, WI.

"I was an active 61 year old female on my way to the gym when I fell wearing my new Skechers Shape-up sneakers walking down a step on October 28, 2010. A lot of damage was done to my right leg and foot due to the fall and the way my leg twisted. I broke my tibia, fibula and the break spiraled down into my ankle. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had four hours of surgery. I needed a metal rod, plate and screws. I am having a slow and difficult time trying to walk and recover since then."

Linda C., Syosset, NY.

"I wore Skechers Shape-ups for one to two years. I was fine until I started having hip and leg pain that was so bad I could hardly get out of my van. I went to the doctor and the first thing she said was to stop wearing my shoes."

Laura P., South Milwaukee, WI.

"I purchased the Skechers Shape-ups for daily walking in hopes of toning up. I have since suffered from severe knee pain that prevents me from even getting a good night’s sleep, it hurts so bad. I went to my doctor and she told me to stop wearing the toning shoes."

Carolyn A., Houston, TX.

"I wore the slip resistant Skechers Shape-ups for 9 months for 50 hours per week. So did a few of my employees. We all ordered them together. Most of us have since suffered injuries from the shape up shoes we wore to work. I have sprained my ankles four or more times, suffered a bone fracture and my rheumatoid arthritis is worse."

Amanda M., Atalla, AL.

"I purchased my Skechers Shape-ups in the spring of 2010. After watching the CD that came with the shoes, I began a program of walking in them vigorously for 30 minutes each day. After about 6-8 weeks, I developed severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg to just above the ankle. Three months after spinal surgery, I still have residual pain."

Dennis V., Los Alamitos, CA.

"I’ve been using the same workout system since 2000 and have never had a problem. I purchased the Skechers Shape-up shoes and after about 1-2 months of use, I began having extreme hip pain. Sometimes I could not even stand without assistance. My doctor took several x-rays and found my hips were 3 degrees out of line with each other and my spine was shoved inward and tilted to the side 5 degrees."

Tammy F.

"For 2 years I have maintained the same regular workout regimen. I purchased the Reebok SimpleTone athletic shoes and after two weeks of wearing them to workout, I sustained damage to my SI (pelvic) joint. It has now been three months and the pain is still tremendous."

Allison N., Hanford, CA.

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About Toning Shoe Injuries

Toning shoes supposedly help wearers get more exercise and slim down -- but those claims are unfounded. In fact, they pose a very real risk of stress fractures, broken bones and serious fall injuries.

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Toning Shoe Injuries

The built-in instability of toning shoes increases the risk of stress fractures, falling and fall injuries.

Skechers Shape-Ups

Sports medicine experts say toning shoes may pose a particular risk for elderly people and those with poor balance, vertigo, lack of feeling in their feet or chronically weak ankles. Read More

Toning Shoes -- An Exercise Benefit or a Health Hazard?

Toning shoes – also called wellness shoes and rocker bottom shoes – are athletic shoes with an unstable sole. The shoes may have a rounded sole that increases the heel-to-toe motion of the foot.
Toning shoe manufacturers promote their products with alluring claims of muscle benefits and the shoes' ability to slim calves and legs.  Toning shoe companies state their products increase muscle activation, improve balance and stimulate the metabolism.

The market for toning shoes started off with a bang. Spurred by the testimonials of famous athletes and celebrities, various brands are now offered to health-conscious consumers, including MBTs, Skechers Shape-ups, Reebok Easy Tones, Keds Sport, New Balance and Crocs.

However, a study conducted by exercise scientists has found no evidence that toning shoes provide any significant benefit over traditional athletic shoes. In fact, knowledgeable medical experts advise that toning shoes actually pose major risks.  Indeed, it is well recognized in the orthopedic community that anything that impacts your gait may cause harm to your bones, muscles and joints.  Regrettably, the toning shoe manufacturers ignored this literature and failed to conduct adequate safety studies to demonstrate that wearing these shoes is safe.

Toning shoes' built-in instability can increase the risk of stress fractures, falling and fall injuries.  The shoes are especially risky for elderly people, diabetics and those with poor balance, vertigo, lack of feeling in their feet or chronically weak ankles.  Many injuries have occurred to nurses, health care providers, waiters and others in the service industries as the toning shoe manufacturers have specifically targeted these groups in their marketing campaigns.

On May 16, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission reached a $40 million settlement with Skechers for its unsubstantiated claims regarding health and fitness benefits that it made while marketing its Shape-Ups toning shoes. After extensive investigations, the FTC determined that Skechers manipulated and “cherry-picked results” from studies to support its claims. The FTC warned Skechers “to shape up your substantiation or tone down your claims.” As a part of its settlement, Skechers is prohibited from making any further claims as to the health and fitness benefits provided by its toning shoes unless those claims are “true and backed by scientific evidence.

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